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CryptoKitties is a popular Blockchain Game where you can buy and sell NFT Kittens and even breed new ones!
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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Review The Pokemon-inspired NFT Game Axie Infinity has become the number one non-fungible token (NFT) with over 7,000 active monthly users on the Ethereum blockchain. To get started, you'll need at least three Axies. These are the ...
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Alien Worlds

Join the Blockchain game with the most players
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SoRare Review SoRare is a fantasy soccer game based on blockchain, where users can trade players, participate in tournaments, and compete for thousands of pounds worth of prizes.... Every single week. It has a fantastic process where cards are ...
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Hash Rush

Hash Rush Review When we first played Hash Rush, we spent a few hours building structures and climbing the tech tree. It was clearly in the early stages of development. But we found that even this version was addictive ... at least for a while. We ...
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Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained Review Gods Unchained is one of the most prominent crypto-infused games to date, offering an online trading card game experience where you verifiably own the cards, which are tokenized digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain. This ...
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Ethermon is a Pokemon inspired Blockchain Game where you can buy and sell different Monsters.
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Find the best Blockchain Games and earn Money!

Items and game currencies are usually worthless outside of the actual game. However, crypto games show that this does not necessarily have to be the case. An early representative of this game genre was the Ethereum-based Cryptokitties. In the game, you breed digital kittens. The highlight: each individual virtual cat is unique and can be sold by its owner at any time. In the past, sums in the six-figure range were sometimes paid for them, even if the average price is significantly lower.


Another example is the crypto game Sorare. The game works as a kind of mix between digital soccer trading cards and fantasy leagues. The game holds licenses from 126 soccer clubs from all over the world, including such well-known names as Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The game’s investors include footballers André Schürle, Oliver Bierhoff and Gerard Piqué. As with classic Panini images, there are different levels of rarity for Sorare digital footballer cards. Accordingly, high sums have already been paid for Sorare cards in the past. For example, a rare playing card of Parisian player Kylian Mbappé was paid $65,000 in December 2020.


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In addition to small startups, well-known players in the gaming industry have also been working with blockchain for a long time. Japanese video game maker Capcom, for example, is cooperating with the NFT platform Wax, where it sells virtual cards based on the classic fighting game Street Fighter. French gaming company Ubisoft, in turn, has already released a crypto-based collectible game based on the Rabbids video game franchise in 2020. However, the corporation is not making any money from it, as all profits will be donated to Unicef.


Ubisoft also supports various startups in the crypto space. In the past, Ubisoft has invested in the blockchain gaming platforms Flow and Xaya, for example. Flow, in turn, comes from the creators of Cryptokitties and forms the basis for NBA Top Shot, in which video clips of basketball games are sold as artificially scarce tokens. As collectors may be spending on individual game tokens right now, these simplistic games pose no threat to major video game series like GTA, Call of Duty or Super Mario. But the industry is also already working on much more graphically elaborate games that make use of blockchain technology. One of these, for example, is the science fiction game Age of Rust, which is scheduled to enter beta on March 19, 2021. The game is based on the blockchain platform Enjin. Items in the 3D action game can be sold as tokens outside the game.


Another example of slightly more complex crypto games is Blanko’s Block Party. The game can best be described as a sort of crypto-driven alternative to the gaming hit Roblox. Here, gamers can design their own mini-games, which in turn can be played by other gamers. There are also paid game characters that players can trade among themselves as tokens.Decentraland is supposed to offer even more freedom. The game is a kind of Second Life on a crypto basis. Items, virtual building land and even names can be bought and sold here. As in the real world, landowners in the game world of Decentraland determine what is built on their land. The game is played directly in the browser and allows you to take a look at the game world even without a crypto wallet. However, you will not be able to actively participate in the game.


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