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Launched on the Wax blockchain back in December 2020, Alien Worlds has experienced solid growth in 2021, which has accelerated in recent days with the announcement of a partnership with Binance. This deal will allow Binance users to farm the game’s TLM token, which has also been ported to the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains. A Binance planet will also be introduced to the game.

The result has seen Alien World’s daily activity increase from around 20,000 unique wallets to over 50,000.

Alien Worlds is the biggest Blockchain game right now

In Alien Worlds there is a whole layer of commercial activities that underpin every aspect of the game. As in any economy, whether in a game or in real life, there must be a reserve currency to handle all transactions; this currency is called Trilium in the Alien Worlds metaverse. As a cryptocurrency, Trilium can be easily exchanged for a variety of other digital assets. Players can also use it in-game to generate additional wealth for themselves or businesses by attaching a tangible value to the digital asset. Considering that trilium can currently only be generated by mining it in-game, trilium is quite scarce, as users typically pick it back up on a planet after it has been mined to generate additional revenue. Each planet is independent and offers unique mission rewards and NFTs determined by the planetary councils chosen.

Besides trilium, there are a variety of other ways to generate value in the game. You can also use NFTs to monetize Alien Worlds, with the option to buy NFTs from different planets, deploy them and use them throughout the game universe. As an NFT, there is also the possibility that Alien Worlds items will be included in other game words, allowing for interoperability. Land is also freely tradable and represented as NFTs, which allows owners to charge rent and commission to planet users.

This is possible because NFTs are tokens that are uniquely verifiable from one another, unlike traditional cryptocurrencies such as ETH or BTC that are freely exchangeable. NFTs use a different token standard that allows for differentiation and creates the ability to implement “rarity” through item scarcity. This allows players to realize the full value of their in-game purchased or earned items, a feature that was not available before the advent of blockchain technology.


Running on the WAX ecosystem, with a token link to Ethereum and other chains in the future, Alien Worlds players have an open exchange where free market principles prevail. The initial digital packs available to early adopters, which include land or items, trade at five to ten times their original value, with all transactions facilitated by WAX. The popularity of the game is great for everyone involved. One community member reports that the average Alien Worlds player makes $60 per month. $60 is a nice amount to relax and play a game, but many players make $300 or more per month with good in-game tools. Do you think that’s impressive? Another community member reported making Alien Worlds a full-fledged income, earning up to $35,000 per month just from playing the game.

With over 13,000 players and more than 20 million transactions in the game, Alien Worlds has really started to take off. These statistics are especially impressive when comparing Alien Worlds to other decentralized apps, as it ranks as the fifth most used dApp on DappRadar, a data aggregator for decentralized apps.

As more people begin to understand that they can get cool rewards and make money playing games – and in some cases, serious money – they will be tempted to explore blockchain-based games. Blockchain gaming allows users to have more control over the entire gaming experience, which contributes to their rising popularity. As the technology behind these games becomes faster, more efficient, and more advanced, they are becoming more similar to deep and complex video games, but with much more control by the user. Alien Worlds paves the way to this future, a future where everyone can make money through casual gaming.

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