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CryptoKitties is a popular Blockchain Game where you can buy and sell NFT Kittens and even breed new ones!

CryptoKitties Review

If you haven’t heard of CryptoKitties and how popular it has become, you soon will. This game is built on blockchain and allows you to buy and sell CryptoKitties to others who play the game. It will cost you some money to play, but if you are good at breeding and your goal is to make some money, it is actually possible with some effort.

CryptoKitties is a first for gaming on blockchain, so there will be some growing pains as you play the title. But after a little time and effort, chances are you’ll find CryptoKitties to be just as addictive and appealing as anyone else who is hooked on the title.

So if you’re considering playing CryptoKitties and want to see what all the fuss is about, read on. But get ready for some serious talk about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

What is a CryptoKittie?

CryptoKitties are digital cats that are completely owned by you. Each CryptoKitty is unique, thanks to different genes determined by a number of factors, just like real cats. CryptoKitties can be crossed with others to create new breeds and produce new traits that can ultimately be good or bad. Each cat has its own unique number and 256-bit genome and DNA. Their mouth shapes, fur, colors and personality traits are passed down from parent to cat.

Due to the limit of cats in circulation and relatively limited genomes, the game will end at a total number of 4 billion cats bred. But don’t worry – this limit will not be reached anytime soon.

Can i make Money with this?

Yes you can, but this is a bit of a moving target, depending on the quality of your CryptoKitties, how much time you invest in the game, and more. You also have to take into account how much you spent over your playing time to breed your kitties.
That means there is a lot of money to be earned. And some CryptoKitties have gone for more than $100,000 when sold to other people. Propagation fees can vary depending on the kitty.

The best-selling kitty at this point is Genesis – the first CryptoKitty ever created – which sold for a whopping 246,9255 Ether. That’s equivalent to about $117,712.

How can i play?

Unfortunately, CryptoKitties is not a mobile game, so you will need a Mac, PC or Linux machine running the full desktop version of Chrome or Firefox. Next, you’ll need your own MetaMask digital wallet. MetaMask works with web apps like CryptoKitties. Finally, you need Ether, the cryptocurrency unit used on the Ethereum blockchain, which will work with CryptoKitties.

How can i get my first Kitty?

You have to buy one. And you need to use Ethereum to pay for your CryptoKitties. To buy one, you need to go to the marketplace inside CryptoKitties. There you will see a variety of CryptoKitties for sale. You will not find a standard price for a particular CryptoKitty, so you will have to spend different amounts ofa money depending on what you buy. Prices vary greatly depending on the kitty you buy. But you expect to pay anything from a few dollars to any number to get your hands on one.

Since many CryptoKitties are bought at auctions, there’s no telling what you’ll spend. But the starting price for a CryptoKitty at auction is set at the average price of the last five CryptoKitty sales, plus 50 percent.

New “Gen 0” cats, or those not bred by others, are released every 15 minutes in the game. The people behind the game receive a 3.75 percent transaction fee on the sale of these sales.

If buying a CryptoKitty is not for you, you can also get one as a gift. The game also includes some contests where you can win a CryptoKitty.

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  1. Lil Satoshi

    CryptoKitties is a crypto game that I just found and it is recommended by numerous people, so I needed to try the game and get some insights about the game. You can start playing without contributing as they have a demo to get you started.

    It’s fascinating – every kitten in the game is totally unique. In fact – each cat is an ERC721 token, for example, non-fungible resource that you can hang on your wallet or sell it on DEXes at whatever point you need. You can put your own cost on this token. Some of the time individuals just put insane costs on their Kitties expecting some wild buyer smh.

    Since CryptoKitties is a blockchain based game, the time you spent in the game and the money you made are saved in the framework and never disappear, so it has a dependable framework.

    + PROS: + Simple to play
    - CONS: - Uncommon cats are really expensive
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