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Ethermon is a Pokemon inspired Blockchain Game where you can buy and sell different Monsters.

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Ethermon Review

Ethermon is a blockchain-based game that was founded in April 2018. Based in Singapore, Ethermon quickly became one of the most popular decentralized apps after its release. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ethermon marketplace revolves around a fantasy world with digital monsters called Mons. The Ethermon world has over 160 mons. They are classified based on type, combat power, forms, gene, and total catches. These NFTs can be collected by catching, trading, and as rewards from quests and competitions in the game. The game uses an ERC-20 token called EMONT as its currency. Players can get EMONT tokens as rewards from battles or in the form of gifts in Adventure Mode

How to play Ethermon

When you make a trade on an NFT marketplace, you will be charged a commission. The commission is usually a percentage of the sale amount in that particular trade. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find out what fees the Ethermon marketplace charges a buyer when purchasing an NFT. We have asked the marketplace about this and will update this post with the correct information once we receive it from them.

Different NFT marketplaces present their NFTs, last bid and remaining time in an auction, etc. in different ways. What is best for you to see and use is up to you and no one else. The image below is a print image of the Ethermon marketplace:
The Ethermon marketplace allows players to buy or rent mons. Players can view the attributes of these mons before collecting them. Below is an image of one of these special mons: Zedakazm. You can see the stats of health points, primary & secondary attack points, primary & secondary defense attack points along with other attributes like transformation and the ability to lay eggs, etc.

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