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Guarda Review

Guarda Wallet was founded only in 2017 and offers a variety of services related to cryptocurrencies. The company is based in Estonia. According to our Guarda Wallet experience, the large number of accepted cryptocurrencies is particularly striking. In the Guarda Wallet review, there are currently far more than 50 cryptocurrencies available for buying, selling and trading.

In principle, setting up the Guarda Wallet is straightforward. However, it is advisable to write down all passwords and PINs (for the Guarda app) externally. This is best done on a piece of paper. This is because Guarda itself does not store personal access data, general personal data and the private keys (addresses). If you lose them, you cannot hope for a reset or information from Guarda.

The Guarda wallet setup itself is relatively straightforward. If you like web-based wallets and don’t want to download anything, Guarda Online Wallet is probably the best option. Once one has decided on one of the many Coins Guarda Wallet, the wallet can be created and named. Then one gets a public and private address (private key) automatically created. After that, one creates a strong password. It is intended for logging into the wallet, not for sending or anything else.

Special Features

According to our Guarada Wallet experience, the platform offers numerous fancy features. In fact, the company strives to offer as many functions as possible in the field of cryptocurrencies itself. But how successfully does the site actually manage to do that in the Guarda Wallet test? Without a doubt, the company is on the road to success overall.

It is clearly noticeable in the Guarda Wallet test that the site is in the process of building a reputation in the crypto scene worldwide. However, the site is still far less well-known in German-speaking countries. Guarda’s regular offer is indeed broad. The site offers various exchanges for cryptocurrencies in our Guarda wallet test.

That is about the online-based wallet, which you can simply use in your browser. But the site also offers the option to use a desktop-based wallet. Additionally, there is also an app for iOS and Android through which one can use the wallet on the go. Last but not least, Guarda also offers a browser extension that allows for an even better and more personalized use of the platform through the browser.

There are more than enough extras with the Guarda Wallet. One of them is the Guarda Token Generator. Through it, you can create your own token or coin. The generated token is based on ERC20. This is a technical standard for coins that are created on the basis of Ethereum.

Guarda provides the technology behind the token, which is secure, unproblematic and ultimately also future-proof. The function is particularly suitable for entrepreneurs who want to give away tokens instead of a loyalty program for long-term customers, for example. But of course also for people who want to combine clever ideas with the technological standards of ERC20.

Guarda Fees

Fees are of course an important aspect in the Guarda Wallet review. How high are the Guarda Wallet transaction fees actually? Specifically, there are no Guarda Wallet transaction fees. A transaction only incurs fees through the blockchain. Of course, these vary due to various factors, such as blockchain utilization and other aspects.

For example, Guarda claims that they do not charge additional fees for sending currencies. However, in addition, the platform lists the best option for charging Guarda Wallet transaction fees on the blockchain itself in the Guarda Wallet review. For Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, the charges are ultimately divided into two modes. Here, users can only choose between Gas Limit and Gas Price.

How attractive the two options are depends on the miners’ determination. In fact, Gas Price is calculated by the miners, a unit in Ethereum mining. The Gas Limit, on the other hand, is a value that is estimated in total during the transaction. As a rule, the Gas Limit is 21000.

If you go below the recommended value, the transaction fails in most cases. Then one also loses the Guarda Wallet transaction fees. Guarda clearly offers both options to the users. Thus, one can efficiently save on Guarda Wallet transaction fees.

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