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When we first played Hash Rush, we spent a few hours building structures and climbing the tech tree. It was clearly in the early stages of development. But we found that even this version was addictive … at least for a while. We wanted to build more and more structures to move up the tech tree.

Eventually, we were able to get enough resources and prerequisites to build a crystal mine. However, we were not able to find a crystal node to place it on. At this point, we felt that Hash Rush was compelling at first, but would have quickly become bland if we had played any longer. There were no strong threats on the map, so Hash Rush lacked the sense of urgency found in games like Starcraft.

Now that the new Crystal Titan patch is out, we tried the game again. We found that Hash Rush has become a much more interesting game now that there are tough enemies to fight. We look forward to testing Hash Rush again when new features like crafting and a marketplace are added to the game. Still, it’s important to remember that the game is currently in alpha and doesn’t have any blockchain-powered items yet. If you are looking for a full-fledged blockchain-backed RTS, this is not it. In that case, you might want to try Crypto Wars, Caesar’s Triumph, or Ether Kingdoms instead.

But if you’re willing to wait for crafting, blockchain tokens and a decentralized marketplace to be developed later, you should try Hash Rush now. It’s an addictive RTS game even in its current alpha stage. And the advanced blockchain features might be available soon.We’ll be keeping an eye on this game as future builds are released. And when the beta goes live, we will play it again to see how it has changed. We’ll report back on our findings here.

How to play Hash Rush

Hash Rush is a real-time strategy game in which the central objective is to mine cryptocrystals. In the public version, it will include crypto rewards in the form of a token called RUSH Coin.
Hash Rush is a stock real-time strategy game. Players who have experienced Warcraft II, Starcraft and other games in this genre will find that Hash Rush feels familiar.

A great tragedy has occurred in the Hermian Galaxy. A cryptocrystal storm has wiped out most races and societies. But the race that suffered the most were the Trinel, who experienced devolution. But there is still hope. You can help the Trinel by guiding the primitive Ernacks in an attempt to mine cryptocrystals deep beneath the surface of planets.

New Update

When we first tried Hash Rush, there were no difficult enemies for players to encounter. As a result, progress in the tech tree seemed to go by very quickly. The intention of this update is to make the game more challenging and lengthy. With this update, players will encounter the servants of the Crystal Titan over time. The behavior of these minions is determined by the phase of resistance the game is currently in.

According to the developer, there are a total of five phases of resistance. We were able to trigger three of them in our test.

Phase 1. Harrasment – In the Harrasment phase, individual units of enemy creatures move near the player’s structures and workers. When these units directly encounter workers, fighting can occur. However, these individual monsters can be dealt with by two or three of the player’s workers, so this phase is not too difficult to deal with.

Phase 2. Attack – In the attack phase, groups of two or three monsters will try to destroy the player’s buildings.

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