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Myth Market is actually an umbrella marketplace for five submarkets: GPK.Market, GoPepe.Market, Heroes.Market, KOGS.Market and Shatner.Market. They describe themselves as “a series of convenient online marketplaces.” You cannot – at least to our knowledge – make actual trades on Myth Market alone, but must always enter one of the sub-markets to trade NFTs.

Myth Market is an umbrella marketplace that consists of several submarkets. These submarkets are GPK.Market, GoPepe.Market, Heroes.Market, KOGS.Market and Shatner.Market. These submarkets have in common that they offer trading of various trading cards.

Myth Market is built on the WAX ecosystem. WAX is an acronym for Worldwide Asset eXchange, and they claim to be “the world’s leading decentralized vidoe gaming and entertainment network.” They also claim to deliver the world’s “safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell and trade” NFTs for anyone anywhere in the world. Bold statements indeed!


Different NFT marketplaces display their NFTs, last bid, auction remaining time, etc. in different ways. What you feel most comfortable seeing and using is up to you and no one else. The image below is a print image of one of Myth Market’s submarkets – Heroes Market. As you can see from the print image below, it displays the trading cards that you have filtered out. You can see the price, rarity, and motif, and there are a variety of ways to sort and filter. There is also a general search box if you prefer.

If you plug into a specific NFT, in this case the NFT named THe Chairman, you will be taken to the following layout. Here you can see the current price, how many other NFTs of the same type there are (total and for sale), who the seller is, and more.

A few of the NFT marketplaces out there accept deposits and payments via credit or debit card, and some even accept PayPal deposits. Myth Market doesn’t support any of these “fiat currency on ramps”, they only support WAX cryptocurrency. WAX, on the other hand, is very easy to get as it is available on most of the major crypto exchanges.


Myth Market is a set of handy online marketplaces that support various digital trading card brands. Right now, the featured markets are GPK.Market (where you can buy Garbage Pail Kids digital cards), GoPepe.Market (for GoPepe trading cards), Heroes.Market (for Blockchain Heroes trading cards), KOGS.Market (for KOGS trading cards), and Shatner.Market (for William Shatner memorabilia).

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