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SatoshiLabs Review

Satoshilabs is a faucet site with a very attractive twist. I will explain it later. The site is absolutely free to use, it requires no investment (just time and patience). It doesn’t even allow you to invest, so everything you earn is pure profit.
The site is SSL secured, which is an indication of professionalism. SL is easy to navigate and does not hinder you with annoying popups or popunders. Only in rare cases you will get one of them, but hey: they need to generate income to pay their members.

SL has been online since August 2018 and has a proven track record of payments. The admin (Lindernman) is very active and responsive. Proof of payment can be found on their website, including the hash code so it can be verified. SL uses “Labflasks” as their internal currency. One thousand labflasks = $0.05. The minimum withdrawal is 5000 labflasks and all payments are made through faucethub, so make sure your btc wallet address is connected to faucethub!

Hoes does it work? Is it legit?

As mentioned earlier, SL is a faucet site. Every 5 minutes you can claim between 5 and 15 Labflasks. These Labflasks can be used to buy and upgrade buildings to earn more. The idea behind Labflasks has to do with the fun part of SL: without having to know chemistry, you can “build” your own chemistry lab. This chemistry lab produces Labflasks and of course: the higher your chemistry lab level, the more Labflasks per hour you produce. All these buildings have their own production rate, i.e. how many lab flasks they produce per hour. In order to produce lab flasks, the buildings need energy. This energy can be obtained in the form of credits, which are made available through various supply walls. Credits can be converted into lab flasks to buy and/or upgrade a building. Since energy is consumed, you should make sure you have enough credits to replenish the energy. There is an option “Autorefill Energy” and it is recommended to activate this function. This way, you just have to make sure that you don’t run out of credits.
Buildings expire after 90 days.

There is not much to say about the faucet. Basically, you can claim lab bottles every 5 minutes, but sometimes you have to wait a little longer (6 to 8 minutes or so). I have no idea why, but it’s not very important in my opinion. To claim, you have to answer a captcha (either recaptcha or solvemedia) and press the claim button to get a reward. This works smoothly. One important thing about the tap: the more claims made, the higher the reward pool becomes (I’ll explain later). It is favored for all members with buildings to make claims from the tap.


SatoshiLabs offers a good selection of different offerwalls (not all of them are actual offers, but they are all placed under the Offerwalls section on the website for easy navigation). I won’t explain the offerwalls as that is beyond the scope of this review. New pages can be added and pages that no longer work are deleted, again showing that the admin cares about his program.
All offerwall products basically serve one purpose: to give you credits for performing certain tasks (surveys, clicking short links, clicking ptc, taking a quiz, etc). This is, of course, the main source of revenue for SL: you pay for the attention you receive. In SL, the credit mechanism is very cleverly built in: you simply need credits to build and maintain your chemistry lab. A win-win situation: the offerwall programs and sites get their advertising, SL members get their credits.
The offerwall section also comes with a bonus section that is very interesting. For example, if you made 2 surveys for more than 1000 credits each, you can claim a bonus for another 1000 credits. Don’t forget about this part, as it can add up very nicely!


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